"Farmers Markets are a great source of fresh, local produce

and interesting foods."

My Personal Diet


  "I was born in a country that really likes its beef and wine, Argentina, so,

NO, I was not raised vegetarian.  I have CHOSEN to be vegetarian for several reasons. At first it was only to improve my health, but later it also became about, the conservation of our resources, animal cruelty and lastly spiritual purity. It has taken me a long time plus a lot of trial and error

to find the near-perfect balance that is manageable for me on a daily

basis.  I feel best when eating about 80% raw and 20% cooked.  In the early

morning, I drink a cup of organic coffee followed by 24-32 ounces of fresh vegetable/fruit juice. For lunch and/or dinner I eat a large green salad with sprouts, nuts, seeds, avocado, fresh or dried fruit--If I’m in a hurry

an organic plant-based protein shake is all I need. Throughout the day, 

clean water, herbal teas, raw Kombucha, or coconut water.

The rest of my diet, and not on a daily basis, includes a bit of

millet & flax bread, polenta, quinoa, sweet potato, squashes, beans,

or brown rice; good fat from coconut, flax seed, or olive oil. 

On occasion, I treat myself to a millet & flax bagel with raw butter

and honey, a bite of raw dark chocolate, coconut yogurt,

soft boiled eggs, raw cheese on flax crackers and a glass of

red wine ( my dad, at 85, still enjoys a daily glass of red wine with lunch).

Some days, I have more energy than I know what to do with.

I encourage you to develop your own plan keeping in mind

that it might be too easy to quit if it is too difficult to do. 

Remember to be kind to yourself."


Jack Fruit, lychee, mango

from Pine Island farm

Sunflower, sunflower seeds

from Punta Gorda farm

Meet the Chef

"I am passionate about good food and sharing it with others

my mission"

Optimum nutrition is one of the most important ways we can achieve sound mental and physical health. 

Mealtime is the perfect opportunity

to satisfy our appetite, delight our senses, and free our spirit. 

As we consume healthy foods and clean water on a regular basis,

we feel and see the differences in our lives.  We sleep more restfully, increase our energy, improve our mood, boost our personal happiness, understand ourselves on a deeper level, and much more.